The show

Strong Opinions Loosely Held began as a top 10 podcasts on Apple Podcasts and then I adapted it into a weekly show in 2017 where it grew to an audience of over 700K fans, making it the fastest growing franchise at Refinery29. From there it was syndicated to FB Watch, Amazon and Snap. SOLH won a DigiDay Award and was a Webby Honoree and had the amazing opportunity to bring in brand dollars thanks to partnerships with Spotify, ESPN, Lean Cuisine and NPR. Guests include Glenn Close, Rebecca Traister, Rosanna Arquette, Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Dr. Brittney Cooper, Rent The Runway CEO, Jennifer Hyman, Tan France and Alysia Reiner. You can watch all the episodes here.

We tackle topics like:

  • Why are there so many shows about wives if women are delaying marriage if marrying at all? Answer here.

  • Why are white people the WORST at talking about race? Answer here.

  • Why is women’s pain taken less seriously? Answer here.

  • What’s up with the trend of working ourselves to death? Answer here.

  • WTF is Bitcoin and why should I care? Answer here.