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  1. I think there’s something wrong with the last page of your survey. I tried filling it out, but the text box where it asks you to give details of content that was removed/etc says ‘must be at least 0 characters’ even though I had several paragraphs in that field, and wouldn’t let me submit the form. Might be on my end somehow, but thought I’d let you now so you could double check.

  2. Jamie Dubs on said:

    I also ran into 0-character bug on the last page. Here’s what I put in there:

    Not my project but a fellow member of the FAT Lab, Greg Leuch. This C&D just happened last week:

  3. Fred von Lohmann on said:

    The Dept of Commerce has asked for comments by Nov. 13 on the question of how copyright law should treat remixes. Please help get the word out, lest the only comments be from those with paid lobbyists in DC! Federal Register notice with details here:

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